At Stahlman Landscape & Property Maintenance we have many unique plans to offer you for a skillfully constructed outdoor living environment. We are able to do any size space you require. Being in business for over 55 years, you know you are working with professionals who are familiar with local codes and can help make sure that the design blends in with the surrounding environment and still be aesthetically pleasing.

We pride ourselves in building landscapes for any type of property; whether it is a commercial and public projects (like center roadways), to any residential estate – be it a cozy single family home, to an apartment complex or a whole community like Lely Resorts. Our experienced crew will work alongside you, your builder, or your general contractor in collaborating to help ensure that conceptualize is created into the landscaping you envision so it is made into a reality. We currently handle jobs up to 20 acres and serving commercial accounts of up to 200 units.

The in-depth experienced and knowledge is second-to none. The crew at Stahlman Landscape & Property Maintenance understand that only crane operators with the skill to move the trees and large shrubs gently and quickly will minimize stress and insure. As experienced landscape contractors, we provide the expertise to insure the integrity of the architects design while providing the caliber of work our clients expect.

Post-construction service entails a unique program for each individual property, taking into account local and seasonal factors, as well as your budget for maintenance and management.  We then deploy a plan to persistently meet your these needs without fail.