Dean Stahlman is a native of Naples, Florida with vast experience and knowledge in the landscaping and property maintenance business. His father exposed Dean at an early age to Stahlman Landscape & Property Maintenance which helped entice a desire to continue growing what is now known as a second generation family business.

This passion started when Dean was 17 years old at his first big job with his father doing the Lausanne condominium project. It was located on Naples beach and consisted of two large condos with a raised pool and club house between them. This is when Stahlman Landscape won the best Interiorscape in the 1981 FNGA Landscape awards. After this job, he knew that landscaping was in his future and became dedicated to designing landscapes tailored to the unique individual needs of his customers.

By continuing to educate himself with the latest technology, Dean has been able to create dream landscapes in an efficient manner. One of Dean’s favorite equipment to run; as well as a time saver, is the New Holland tractor. It has the capability to plant large trees and palms while creating a place of beauty and preserving resources.

It takes knowledge and skill to collaborate with the client and create an exceptional design that will not only please the client’s aesthetic view but get a job done well everyone can appreciate. For example, Stahlman Landscape & Property Maintenance did a project on Marco Island at the City Hall and Police Station. It required a great deal of work from his professional team. They were able to analyze the space, particularly soil and water flows, and then select strategic plants, trees, and shrubs that are native and better suited to our climate. The combined knowledge and hands-on experience of Dean Stahlman has provided clients with assurance and confidence that their landscaping needs are always met.

Today, Dean and Kelly Stahlman have 2 boys (Ryan and Conner) and lives in Naples. He continues to beautify the area hoping to help create the paradise for everyone that is substainable eco-friendly fashion.